The health, safety and well-being of all our employees and related stakeholders, whether in the workplace or

in the environment, os of primary importance to management.  In conjunction with our employees and

contractors the Company will do everything in its power to prevent accidents, injuries, occupational illness

on the release of material, which could be detrimental to the environment.


Management accepts responsibility to inform those who may be exposed to known hazards and to develop

appropriate operating standards as parts of an effective prevention and rehabilitation programme.  Where

emissions are unavoidable, they will be measured, their effect on the environment understood and

appropriate action taken to regulate the situation.


Each member and supervisor is responsible and held accountable for providing a safe and healthy work

environment for the employees under his or her jurisdiction and for controlling emissions.  They will use well-designed

processes, equipment and procedures supported by the necessary training and management systems to minimise

and control any protentially harmful effects.


Each employee is trained and expected to work and act safely at all times and to accept his or her personal

responsibility for preventing and reporting practices, which could endanger other.


The Company believes that achievmnts in safeguarding the workplace and our environment against hazards

Resulting from our operiations are valued equally with other results.  Our performance in matters of safety,

Occupational health, the environment and integrated risks is reinforced by our implementation and

Maintenance of our Health and Safety programme.



 Snapit Building is committed to;


  • Caring for the environment and the prevention of polllution.
  • Operating the business to the environmental systems required by ISO 14001.
  • Abiding by all relevant environmental legislation and applicable requirements.
  • Minimising waste, promoting recycling, reducing energy and raw material consumption and reducing

Harmful emissions.

  • Working with suppliers to promote positive environmental actions
  • Continually improving our environmental performance by setting objective, actions and targets.
  • Communicating our policy within our organisation and to the public.
  • Everyone is responsible for the environmental aspects of the company and for the reducing their impact.




The objective of Snapit Building Quality Management SYSTEM is to guarantee that all work fully

Comforms to customer expectations, statuary requirements and other conractual requirements.




The policy of Snapit Building is to produce and supply work in agreement with customer expectations

And specifications and at the same time combining efficiency of work with customer  satisfaction.