About Us




Our “Open Book” philosophy towards our clients filters down through

our management structure, which is intimately involved in our site

management and in the overall management of the company.




Through financial discipline and stringent cost controls the Company

plans to develop a healthy balance sheet, which in turn will provide

the security funding and provide the necessary guarantees

required to finance contracts and tenders that Snapit Building





It is our  vision to maintain an adequate compliment of suitably qualified

personnel.  Where specialised Builders and services are required these are

contracted in from our database qualified builders who specialise in our

industry.  The workforce is recruited from local pools to provide support to the

local communities.




In keeping with our philosophy of maintaining a low cost structure to minimize our preliminary and

general costs, we have acquired and maintain essential machinery and equipment.


All project specific equipment is therefore sourced as and when needed to meet project requirements.